Best Moody Blue Lightroom Preset Download For Lightroom Mobile Latest Edition

Hello, guys welcome to another post of Presetyard. Today I will give you Best Moody Blue Lightroom Preset. These days we tend to are back with another wonderful update of lightroom. what number of you utilize lightroom applications for color grading and manipulation of your footage with amazing effects. Lightroom is one of every of the best applications for retouching your pictures and provides an elegant look.

This brand new moody blue lightroom mobile preset Free download. Use this preset within the lightroom mobile app this preset can work on adobe photoshop or Lightroom cc.

This preset has been created to allow a cold blue tone to photos. this preset is appropriate for outside greeny background photos this Scandinavian blue Lightroom preset you’ll get without any cost.

What is Blue Lightroom Preset?

Blue Lightroom Preset to give you a slightly moody Blue effect on your photos this Preset mostly works on portrait images, beach, coast, street, outdoor photography, etc. Not only but also this free Lightroom Preset has been created to cool down the temperature and provide a cold Blue Lightroom preset on your image.

This Latest Lightroom mobile Preset will give your photo a Blue and water Tone effect with a fresh and unique style. This Preset is also works on Photoshop CC or Lightroom mobile. This Preset comes with an XMP or DNG file.

Whenever you can apply this preset to your image you need to change some things to get a perfect look in your photos, adjustment like exposure, hue, saturation, brightness, etc.

This brand new Blue Lightroom Preset comes with a premium look. Here I provide you a premium Lightroom Preset Free of Coast. This Preset use by many Instagram influencers to enhance their image.

This Preset is also known as Cold Blue Preset, Cool Blue Preset, and many more. This Blue Lightroom Lightroom Preset applicable for all Lightroom versions like Lightroom mobile, photoshop cc, Lightroom cc.

Each preset tested with many images after that I provide you this Lightroom Cold Blue Lightroom Preset. You can check another lightroom preset as coast B&W preset, Brown tone Lightroom preset.

Here I provide you lots of this type of preset like moody cyan, Dark tone and I also provide Free Premium lightroom preset orange and blue without any cost.

What is Cold Blue Preset?

This Preset gives the dynamic Blue effect in your photo this Preset is generally used in sea soar images, beach photos. Lots of photographers and skilled models use this Moody dark blue preset presets to make their photos attention-getting.

How to Install Blue Lightroom Preset?

Installation of Preset in Lightroom Mobile

  1. In the starting, you’d choose to load the Lightroom app from the play store for mobile.
  2. In the second step once the installation of the app, you’ll opt for the pictures from the Image gallery and simply press them to open them.


  3. Just simply Slide the footer toolbar to the right side and press the predetermined icon.


  4. Last but not least simply Press the horizontal three dots to open the menu and to import preset.

Installation of Preset in Photoshop cc

  1. First, you’d favor transferring Adobe Photoshop cc to a portable computer or laptop.


  2. After that, you’ll merely click on the filter menu that’s found among the header of the toolbar.


  3. In the filter, the menu clicks on the camera raw filter. After that, you’ll simply slide and Press the three dots.


  4. Simply regulator on Load setting and install Lightroom Blue Lightroom preset and enjoy!


In my final word, I  would like to say that applying preset is the best way to edit photos. Here some of my preset links to download. Below the download link of this blue lightroom preset.

Before and After


Blue Tone PresetBlue Tone Preset


Blue Tone Preset


Blue Tone Preset

Blue Lightroom Preset Download: (217 downloads)

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