Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset Free Download ( Latest 2021 )

Hello, beautiful people today our PresetYard team provides you a very premium preset is Cyan Lightroom Preset. You can much time see an on Social Media to people they are posted the cyan type of image so at that time you can also think that you have also that type of preset so you people don’t worry today I will give a very elegant premium preset for you.

Many Professional Photographer also uses this type of preset on their photos. This Preset gives the effect of a cyan look if you can adjust some of the exposer, hue, etc so this converts into the moody cyan look. This preset applicable for all image types like outdoor photography and indoor photography, street, and many more types.

What is Cyan Lightroom Preset?

Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset Download here without any cost. In this present era, it is now easy to edit photos to look professionally in adobe lightroom mobile.

These Moody Cyan Lightroom Presets can help to assist you with extending apparent differences and deliberately quiet a few tones. They can likewise give you that alluring dim look. You can undoubtedly and continually nail the intense yet adjusted look and feel.

These Moody Cyan Presets are particularly helpful for a travel blog or Instagram account. With so numerous influencers, it is significant to use these days to have a particular and uniform search for your feed, and irritable presets can assist you with that. You’d get an intense mark look that can make your photographs more beautiful and elegant.

Now, these days many Instagram influencers also use this Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset to enhance their image.

This Moody Cyan Preset gives you a little bit of orange and teal look on photos.

After applying this Lightroom Moody Cyan Preset you need to apply a few adjustments like to increase contrast, hue, and saturation, a little bit of exposer.

Some of the key features of this preset.

This preset comes in two types of the file first one is XMP or DNG both files are applicable on Lightroom Mobile. But XMP file is useable in Photoshop version or Lr desktop. So you can use this file in both applications.

What is Lightroom Preset?

Lightroom is the application of mobile or pc version but most of the people use mobile version because this Lr mobile is very convenient in use. This app can make your photo to the next level not only but also many professional photographers also use this app. The key feature of this app is you can save your work in the form of a preset file.

How can use this preset in the other image?

The simple process for this whenever preset apply on the image the main thing is Green background Image need for this editing. so on the other image just simply edit the green tone and make a moody color that’s the way you can use this preset in the other image.

How to install Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset?

Installation of Preset in Lightroom Mobile

  1. Firstly you can oblige to download the Lr app.
  2. After the installation of the app, you can make sure to give all the grant permission after this select the photo from the Image library and simply tap.
  3. After that simply Slide the lower toolbar to the right-hand side and press the Preset icon.
  4. Next, that simply Press the three horizontal dots to open the menu bar and select to import preset

Installation of Preset in Photoshop cc

  1. First, download Photoshop cc in the desktop version.
  2. After that, just simply tap on the filter menu bar which is situated at top of the toolbar.
  3. In the filter menu, In the menu clicks on the camera raw filter.
  4. Just next, you can simply tap the three dots which are located at top of the corner of the toolbar.
  5. Last, Simply tap on the Load setting and install Moody Cyan Lightroom preset and enjoy!

Before and After


Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset


Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset


Moody Cyan Lightroom Preset

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