How to Center Text in Photoshop With in Single Click

Hello, friends again our PresetYard team is back with another blog hire I teach you How to Center Text in Photoshop. Today centring text and photos are the same as aligning content in Microsoft Word.

Learning how to centre text in Photoshop isn’t exactly easy. Unlike specialised word processors or design apps like Canva, Photoshop takes a more complex approach to text and layer centring. Luckily, once you learn the processes, the tool is simple.

Now we are talking about it in-depth. In this article today I’ll give you a method on how to centre text or images layers in photoshop.

In the techniques, you just need to make a selection of areas in which you want to make the center of the text, then using the adjustment tools to centralize the layer. And also we are looking at how snap guidelines can help with layer centralization.


Method 1:- Here is how to center text in photoshop within a single click:


Firstly which text or images do you want to center in your layer panel, after that you need to move your move tool or click shortcut key V on your keyword.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


Here you need to press the shortcut key Ctrl + A for MacBook and for Pc ctrl + A this shortcut helps you to select your whole canvas. You can also focus that animated ant running around the text or photos that indicate a selection.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


On the top of the screen setting bar, you watch a row of icons with some rectangle lines. Click on the second icon for the aligned horizontal centres.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


If you want to centralize your canvas vertically so tap the align vertical centers option which is situated at the right-hand side of the Align horizontal centers.

With the help of these two keys, you can simply center your text on your canvas.


Shortcut to center text in photoshop:


Here I provide you with a shortcut for photoshop to center the text.

Rather than using this text-align button use a keyboard shortcut to align your text faster below the shortcut key.


Align Left: Ctrl Shift L

(For Mac: Command Shift L)


Align Center: Ctrl Shift C

(For Mac: Command Shift C)


Align Right: Ctrl Shift R

(For Mac: Command Shift R)


Method 2:- How to Center Text in Photoshop by selecting


In Photoshop, you may need to centre text in a precise location. Selecting your complete canvas in such a situation isn’t going to be particularly beneficial. Fortunately, in Photoshop, you can make custom selections to centre text.


Step 1 – Firstly you need to select your rectangular Marquee tool in photoshop. You can also select manually or by pressing the M button pressing the keyboard.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


Step 2 – After that simply click and drag the Marquee tool where you want to center the text.


Step 3 – Next you will notice there will be a selection represent.


How to Center Text in Photoshop



Step 4 – Select the layer you want to center.


Step 5 – Choose the alignment symbols to depend on how you want your text to be aligned. I’d like to align the horizontal and vertical centres in this situation.


Method 3:- How to center text in a shape in photoshop


Some other circumstance where you might need to centre your text on a shape in Photoshop is if you need to centre your text on a shape. The options can be confusing, particularly when the shape is intricate and tough to choose with the Marquee Tool. Fortunately, using a simple shortcuts method, you can turn any shape into a selection.


For Windows:

To make this shape into a selection layer, just tap the control key and click on the layer thumbnail of the image or text.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


For Mac:

This is also the same as Windows control.


Step 1 – you can get your move tool by pressing the v button from the keyboard.


Step 2 – After that click on the alignment icons based on how you want to position the text layer. In this, I will choose the aligned horizontal and vertical centers to center the whole text in the shape.


Step 3 – If you created a selection of your shape your text will automatically position itself.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


Shortcut for Windows or Mac

After centring the text Press Ctrl + D to deselect the selection


Method 4:- How to Align text without a selection in photoshop


In Photoshop, you may align text to the left, centre, or right, just like in basic word processors like Pages or Word. This can be beneficial for fine-tuning how your text is aligned in order to achieve a perfect location.


How to Center Text in Photoshop


BY clicking T it from your toolbar.

Three alternative alignment options are available in the top settings bar.

The ‘left-align text’ option moves your text left by aligning the right edge of your text to the centre.

Select the option that best fits your content.

This is a quick and easy approach to align your text to itself without having to make any special selections. This approach readjusts the text based on the text box rather than centring it on the canvas. It’s yet another useful technique to be aware of when understanding How to Center Text in Photoshop!



Learning how to center text in photoshop is simple, despite the fact that it may not appear so at first. In a range of situations, you can use a variety of strategies to centre your text. It merely takes a couple of taps to align text or a shape to the centre of your canvas. You’ll be able to centre text in Photoshop with ease if you follow the steps suggested below.

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