How to crop layer in photoshop easy method lateset edition

Hello, friends again I am back with another tutorial for how to crop layer in photoshop. Here I teach you 4 methods to crop images.

In this contemporary era, every people know what is photoshop and how to use them. But do not know some things that can help in photo manipulation

The trend of editing is increasing rapidly in few years. Photoshop is a powerful tool to edit photos at an advanced level. Many famous photographers and video also use this thing to enhance the image quality.

I did not take you too much time to give the information about how to crop layer in photoshop.

Method 1 – Crop image using a layer mask.


While using the marquee tool is very effective, we did not say that this is the best because you have to erase the layer data, which you may require later.

Another option is to use a Layer Mask to “crop” a portion of a layer while keeping it intact.


How to crop layer in photoshop


If you’re new to Photoshop, so it may appear intimidating, but it’s actually rather simple and intuitive to use.

You need to select the image layer which is the right bottom of the layer panel, another thing is there is a button that looks like a frame.

When you click on the frame button you’ll see the twice things in the layers panel.


How to crop layer in photoshop


After that, you can use a paintbrush tool and paint black over the layer that you want to remove.

One more thing is that white colour is used to show the layer mask and black colour is used to remove something. This is the first method of How to crop layer in photoshop. 


Method 2 – Crop using the marquee tool.


The easiest way to crop a layer is to simply use the marquee tool. certify the layer you want to crop is chosen, and use any of the marquee tools to pick out the part of the layer that you simply wish to preserve.

You can crop with the help of a lasso tool, plane figure lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, rectangular marquee tool, or perhaps the magic wand tool to pick out a part of a picture.

After the click on the selection menu and click on Inverse.

This will cause the first choice to become deselected and everything outside to become selected.

Finally, tap the delete key to get rid of the choice. you simply cropped a layer!


Method 3 – Crop using the smart layer.


Firstly you can import your image.

Secondly, make a copy of the layer go-to layer tab and in the new layer via copy.

After that, you convert a layer into a smart object by clicking on the right button of the mouse.

Next use the free transformation tool.

You can adjust your image by dragging and dropping the borders until you find the size that works best for you. It can be made smaller or larger.

There is another way to adjust the selection more accurate.

When you pick the Free Transform Tool, you may also access more detailed settings in Photoshop’s top right corner. W (width) and H (height) are the most essential cropping options (height).

You can make more specific measurements here, ensuring that your image is cropped uniformly on all sides.

If you want your images to be cropped uniformly on all sides. Make sure the maintain aspect ratio button is selected. It appears to be a little chain icon image resolution of the layer will remain unchanged as a result of this, and no matter how you adjust its Width, its Height will vary as well.

You can adjust the maintain aspect ratio option by pressing your shift key while adjusting the size of your image.



while is not possible to crop an image in photoshop. These three methods are very effective. Here you can learn how to crop layer in photoshop.

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