Best Way to Learn How to rotate text in Photoshop Latest 2021

Do you want to learn How to rotate text in Photoshop? If you are really interested in learning this thing so you are at the right place. Here you’ll learn a plethora of methods regarding the rotate text in photoshop. Not only but also we will run over some similar things like flip text and tilt text effects in photoshop.

You can also follow my tutorial by using this website. Photoshop is one of the most advanced editing tools is available, yet it can be difficult to master but if you are a particle then you’ll be able to use it.

As a beginner, you know that there are tons of editing apps on market. However, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to accomplish practically anything, from editing to creative design, with ease.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of Photoshop tutorials available on the internet. As a result, we can now easily study Photoshop and learn how to rotate text in photoshop.


What you can learn in this blog?


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Method 1 – How to rotate text in photoshop


Step 1 – First and foremost go to the File menu and create a new document in photoshop. After that select the text tool by pressing the T command on your keyboard after selecting the text tool and type some text on your canvas eg – Presetyard.


How to rotate text in Photoshop


Step 2 – After that once you have ready your text so select the move tool from the toolbar.


Step 3 – After that choose the text layer. As you can see it is a text layer which contains the word like “Presetyard”.


How to rotate text in Photoshop


Step 4 – To rotate the text, we must first verify that the transform marks are placed around it. This should happen by default in most circumstances, but if you don’t really see any change marks around the text, click the Show Transform Controls box at the top of the screen.


Step 5 – Put your pointer on the outside of one of the four corners with the transform controls active until your cursor turns to a double-sided curving arrow icon.


How to rotate text in Photoshop


Step 6 – Press Left-click and drag with the curved arrow indicator displayed to rotate your text!


Step 7 – The text will now be rotated whenever you release your mouse button. To finalise your transformation, select the CT button.


How to rotate text in Photoshop


Method 2 – How to flip text and photos in photoshop


Step 1 – In Photoshop, you’ll need a project containing a text layer to flip text. Put some text in your document first, and make sure the Move Tool is selected.


Step 2 – You can ensure that it is chosen in the Layers panel by clicking on it.


Step 3 – Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal while the text layer is chosen.


Step 4 – You’ve successfully flipped your text. This is very handy when designing for mediums that require backwards printing. You now know how to use Photoshop to flip text or how to rotate text in photoshop.


Method 3 – How to use vertical text in photoshop


Step 1 – You can modify your existing text in Photoshop to make vertical text. You can rotate the text in Photoshop to try it in a vertical direction


Step 2 – Check once that you have selected the text layer in photoshop.


Step 3 – Choose the Text Tool from the toolbar while the text layer is chosen


Step 4 – Lastly click on the text Orientation button on the top left.

Method 4 – How to curve text in photoshop


Step 1 – Open photoshop after that go to the File menu and click new. Rename the document name and you can select the width of 800 px, and height 500 px and also select the white background.


Step 2 – Select the text tool ( T ) for shortcuts.


Step 3 – Last but not least selected the text layer and press write tool T after that click on the create on wrap text icon in the toolbar.



Step 4 – Lastly in the warp text toolbar select the Arc icon, then tick the horizontal option box and give the specific bend value up to +25%.


Method 5 – How to transform Smart Object text?


Step 1 –  Firstly tap double click to preview the image.


Step 2 – Now you’ll locate yourself inside the smart object containing the text! From it now, you can modify the text using any of the ways listed above.

Go back and rewrite the text to your suit, then check the box when you’re finished.


Step 3 – Because we make this modification within a smart object, we’ll have to save it for it to take effect.


Step 4 – Now that your transformation has been saved, you may view your changes by clicking the tab of the main project file!

Good job! Even though the font is within a smart layer, you now know how to rotate text in photoshop.



Well as you all know photoshop has comes with tons of features like rotating, tilting and many more. Many of these strategies are general and can be applied to other layer types as well! You can also learn how to rotate text in photoshop.



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