Free Download Lut For Photoshop and Lightroom Pack of 200 Luts Latest Edition

Hello, beautiful people today again come with another article which is Lut for Photoshop. Video LUTs are very useful when beginning your video and photo edits. It helps you save your time with base edits, and helps you to specialize in the most edits that you simply need to figure on.

Today we have a tendency to create some new Film Tone effect LUTs for your travel videos and journey footage. With the FREE Film Tone LUTs bundle, you’ll get Five FREE Video LUTs in each file. All Lut former in the form of cube & look format. These effects are good for the time of year edits and can facilitate add tropical colors and vivacious tones.

Photoshop Lut is the best pre-made color grading as compare to preset this Lut manly apply on the video editing or photo editing. In the Lut, as we compare to preset so in Lut file their is on use of the HSL panel only use of the same color filter. Whenever you can apply this file to your image so you need to adjust the opacity of the filter.

Free Lut For Photoshop Download here

Hello, Beautiful People today I gonna give you a Premium Pack of 200 LUT for Photoshop. Would like to own universal and free LUTS for fast color grading? You all Know the growing competition between Photo editing specialists and video editors, The Presetyard team has designed an infinite number of free Photoshop LUTs for you to make attractive, vibrant photos and stand out from the group.

This free Pack of 200 LUT for Photoshop Photoshop LUTs will are available for Travel Photographers and Professional Video editors and people who are learning the cinematic editing and color grading process. Here you’ll find quite 200+ LUTs at no cost and switch your video color correction routine into a quick and pleasant activity.

These Photoshop LTUs are mainly applicable in outdoor photography or Travel Photography.

Whenever you can apply these LUTs to your images you need to change some color correction in your photos not only but also you need to change the opacity of these LUTs to get the perfect look on your Images. Here I would provide you a Free Pack of 200 LUT for Photoshop without any cost.

LUTs are used fairly often to paint grades or add color effects to video footage. The LUTs during this free pack will work even as well in video editing software like Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, but they’re crafted to figure especially well for Photoshop and Lightroom, etc.

How I Create 3D LUTs in Photoshop

  1. Firstly Open Photoshop and simply import high-definition photos into photoshop.
  2.  Simply add Adjustment layers and create one Adjustment layer and choose your color as desired.
  3. After that, you can export the LUT. Click file – Export – Colour Lookup Tables and then choose your export setting and save.

Below you will find instructions on the way to install and use the LUTs from this free pack within Photoshop CC.


Uncompress the zip folder after uncompressing the file you need to copy the CUBE LUTs file in your Photoshop. On a Mac you will find that folder at Applications – Version of your Photoshop CC – Presets – 3DLuts. On Windows, the folder is under Program Files – Version of your Photoshop CC – Presets – 3DLuts.


Add a Color Lookup adjustment layer to your image, and within the 3DLUT File dropdown, you will see the LUTs that you simply installed. Remember that you simply can lower the opacity of the adjustment layer to cut back the effect, otherwise, you can duplicate the adjustment layer to extend the effect.

Before & After


Lut For Photoshop

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