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Hey if you love photography or editing so you at the right place to here I provide you some premium urban street lightroom preset you can also download the preset for camera raw in photoshop cc. Whether you’re capturing fascinating folks or stunning places like streets etc, our Lightroom Presets can enhance the mood whereas protective the elements of your photos that matter most. Get good color whereas protective details and protects delicate skin tones.

What is Urban Street Preset?

This Urban Street Lightroom Preset will give you the Moody and Cinematic look in the Photos. Urban Street Preset mainly uses for Street Photography. Many Instagram influencers also use this type of Preset to enhance their images to the next level.

Now this is the era of Social Media many people want to enhance their images This Urban Street Lightroom Preset gives a dynamic effect on your photos. So basically I will provide you this XMP or DNG  Lightroom preset file Free of Cost.

Whenever you can apply this Urban Street preset to your images sometimes you need to make some changes like increasing exposer, highlight, contrast, temp, shadow, hue saturation, and many more.

This Urban Street Lightroom Preset applicable for all Lightroom versions like Lightroom mobile, photoshop cc, Lightroom cc.

Each Preset tested many times on lots of images after that I will provide you this Urban Street Lightroom Preset. Here there are some Preset which I made you can also cheque Soft Black Preset etc.

These Soft black tone preset I personally created unaccompanied so that you can’t use them on any website or any youtube channel or social media for commercial use without my earlier permission if I found so strict movement con to them may be taken. So you’ll use it on your private use handiest.

What is Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset could be a configuration of settings, designed to attain a specific look or sort of your photo. you put the presets into your Lightroom then once you click on a selected preset while within a short time, the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply in the whole photos. You can simply apply this Urban Street Preset to your Photos.

Most photos can give a color palette to reinforce and work with throughout post-production. Try at once our Soft Black tone preset to balance your highlights with darker tones, adding some sharpness and clarity. Or try our Toni Mahfud tone to deepen your blacks, enriching your subject and adding higher distinction to your photos.

Learn how to capture and edit Urban Street Images.

Many masses want to learn photography it doesn’t mean which Photography field is. But in this contemporary era photography has become a trend in Photography editing is the tough part but with the help of some tool, you can easily edit your photos within one tap. For editing an image, you need to change the value of contrast, saturation, hue, etc.

How to Install Urban Street Lightroom Preset?

Installation of Preset in Lightroom Mobile

  1. Hey, guys Firstly you can download Lightroom mobile app from the Google Play store or apple store.
  2. The second step Next you can install the app, you can select the photo from the Photo Gallary and simply press it to open it.
  3. Just simply Slide the lower toolbar to the right side and press the Preset button.
  4. After that simply Press the three dots to open the menu and select to import preset.

Installation of Preset in Photoshop cc

  1. First Load  Photoshop cc in pc.
  2. After that, you can simply tap on the filter menu which is situated at top of the toolbar.
  3. In the filter, the menu clicks on the camera raw filter.
  4. After that, you can simply tap the three dots which are located at top of the corner.
  5. Simply tap on Load setting and install Urban Street Preset and enjoy!

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